Women’s Haircut $30-$40
  Men’s Haircut   $25.00
  Haircut and Style $40-$55
  Flat Iron Dry Hair $20+
  Formal Styles $40+
  Men Buzz Cut $15.00
  Kid’s Haircut $15-$55
  Shampoo/ Blow Dry $20+
  Shampoo Set/ Style $35+
  Conditioning Treatments $20
  Braids/ Hair Extensions $40+ per hour
  Single process Color $60+
  Single Process w/ Cut $75+
  Double Process Color $90+

  Double Process w/ Cut $105+
  Temporary Color Rinse $15

  Glossing $15
  Retouch $45


  Full Highlight $90+
  Partial Highlight $65+
  Caramelizing w/ Cut $115+
  Corrective Color $75 per hour
  Clarifying Treatment $25
  Full w/ Cut $105+
  Partial w/ Cut $80+
  Caramelizing $100+
  Cap Highlight $65+
  Relaxer $60
  Relaxer w/ Cut $75
  Basic Perm $85+
  Spiral Perm $100+
  Basic Perm w/ Cut $100+
 Spiral Perm w/ Cut $115+
  Brazilian blow-out $200+

Addition prices depend on length and thickness of hair

All spa manicure and pedicure treatments include a full professional massage for hands and arms or lower legs and feet. Floating fresh slices of fruits detoxify your skin to a smooth finish. All our hand & foot care treatments offer clients a sweet escape.


Spa Pedicure: $25
Sit and relax on your luxurious massage chair. Soak your feet in the foot baths, while color jet stream therapy enhances your mood followed by nails shaping, cuticle cleaning, callous removal and dry skin exfoliation with a sea salt glow scrub. To finish, enjoy the 10 minutes massage with the polish of your choice.


Shellac Gel Polish Add $10

Deluxe Salon Pedicure: $40
Deluxe Pedi an extension of the spa pedicure. Indulge yourself with hour of pedicure- pampering delight with leg marine mask and warm towels treatment to generously soften your feet. Plus enjoy 30min professional foot and leg massage with BCL-Spa of essential aromatherapy oils and lotion:
Lemongrass + Green Tea, Mandarin + Mango, Lavender
There are systems deliver a naturally delectable experience.

Basic facial: (40min Service $50)
Perfect for those new to professional facials. This facial includes all of the above features plus brief massage of the face, neck and the scalp.


The Treatment Facial: (65min Service $70 )

Treat your skin, relieve your stresses. This facial is not only exclusively customized for your skin need but also guide you through the relaxing experience of the face, neck, scalp, shoulder and hand massage.

Eyelashes Extension: (40min Service $50)